Reap the rewards of your labour NOW!

BCCash is our translator payment system.
Should you wish to be paid on delivery, for any reason at all, we can arrange to do so.

To take advantage of BCCash, simply write to and:
Clearly ask for BCCash. Please write BCCash in your email subject header.
Your email will then be automatically redirected to our BCCash management tool to ensure it is processed promptly.
Grant us a 5% discount on the payment due, which you will have deducted from the invoice in question, which will be attached to your request email.

To take advantage of BCCash:
You must have successfully completed a minimum of 10 projects - or have 3-months’ experience - with Blue Cells.
The total invoice amount must be of a minimum of 300 EUR.
Your invoice will automatically be paid, via your preferred payment method (bank transfer or PayPal), within 48 hours (weekdays only) after invoice delivery, provided you sent us all the necessary information.

Blue Cells reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to modify the BCCash conditions in content, number, or application.

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