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Via del Genovese 10, Torre del Pozzo, 09073 Cuglieri (OR) - Italy
P.I/VAT: IT01123580951 | R.E.A.: 132277

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I am a Marcomm manager and...

I want to extend my market
and improve our localization process
but I don't want my translation costs to increase

Our integrated process guarantees a faster time to market

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We can translate to and from any language depending on your needs

We can process all types of files with embedded text

(html, indd, asp, xml, qxd, txt, PDF...), with a special focus on Indesign files (idml), which can save you time and money on your translation projects. We localize the original InDesign files directly and greatly reduce layout adaptation.

We can translate every document, any document.

apps -  marketing brochures -  press releases -  product showcases -  packaging information -  R&D documents -  corporate presentations -  product datasheets -  websites -  questionnaires -  emailings -  technical manuals -  newsletters

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Visual performance for your multilingual communication campaign!

Your company’s image is in good hands for large scale publishing.
Brochures, flyers, stickers, websites content, you name it ! We help you create and structure the documents you want with multilingual localization in mind.
Your documents are ready to travel the world.

Our seamless localization process is so effective that we can switch your message into any language without touching your formatting (paragraph and character styles, hyperlinks, TOCs). Basically, our tools allow us to translate directly in the original format. We avoid copying/pasting and all mistakes that can come with this outdated and time-consuming procedure. Once the translation is done, we perform a thorough quality control inspection and reshape the entire document for perfect results.

Advantages of our integrated process

    Faster turnaround time
    Lower cost
    One service provider for DTP and translation
    Ready for paper or digital publishing

Dedicated space on our FTP

For the security of your files, all data are backed-up twice daily and
our customers can enjoy dedicated space on our FTP for seamless file transfers.

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The one-stop shop

Don't waste your time looking for different partners

We can support your business in many ways:

    Content creation
    Graphic design
    Apps creation

Savings from synergies

Beyond our competitive pricing, you will benefit from synergies between our different activities. Our documents are easier to localize because we create them knowing the layout issues faced during localization.

Translation memories

A translation memory stores source texts and their corresponding translations in language pairs called “translation units”. When a translation unit already exists or when it is repeated, you will pay only part of its price according to the similarity level. The more you translate, the less you pay.

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Translator Zone

Blue Cells' advice to being among the most-wanted translators

Our in-depth guide could help you gain recognition as a good translator and maintain good relationships with your translation agencies. Check it out.

General: questions about Blue Cells and its workflow

Payment: Basic rules for getting paid on time
You should be sending one invoice a month to , mentioning your full company and bank details, including your preferred payment method.  
We pay 30 days end of month.

BCCash: Reap the rewards of your labour NOW!
For those wishing to be paid on delivery, we offer a special scheme called BCCash.
Interested? Discover BCCash (Terms and conditions).

If you have any other question, here is our FAQ.


Founded in January 2002 by Jérôme Bouteiller, former Sony European product manager for VAIO, and in collaboration with Marie-Elise Mandelli, Blue Cells is an Italian Internet translation agency dedicated to independent professional and corporate clients. 
Blue Cells specializes in consumer electronics and information technologies (IT). With extensive IT experience and proven international marketing skills, the agency staff has rock-solid expertise and one of the best networks of qualified translators available. The founders and key partners have high-powered professional backgrounds that are the core of the agency's success: they understand your technical needs, your style, and your marketing objectives. Blue Cells has dramatically improved its web presence in recent years and has become one of the most competitive agencies in the B2B IT industry today.

"Nothing moves faster than the IT business.
You need top suppliers who can keep up with the pace.
That's why I created Blue Cells."

Jérôme Bouteiller


Prestigious companies trust their high-value marketing projects to Blue Cells.

Sony Mobile . Sony Information Technology Europe (VAIO - Clie - Displays) . Sony Style . Sony Robot Entertainment Europe (AIBO) . Sony Europe . Archos . RRC power solutions GmbH . . Callserve Communications Ltd.  Harte-Hanks CRM services Europe .  PNY Technologies .  Thalys .  Com-unique .  PikaOne .  iBase .  Transparens .  Kirrio .  Juri Quercy .  Actual Public Relations .  tvtv services .  Jump France (Lipton) .  de Fursac .  Apogee Communications .  Onspeed .  Alcone (for Michelin) .  Sony France .  Fortis Bank .  3eme millénaire . . All Crump N.V. Le Public Système . 3MAXX . PPP agency . Language Frontier . Sony Belgium . AT Internet (Xiti) . Leyio . Kysoh (Tux Droid) . Nascom - Georgia Pacific (Lotus) . iGo . Aerial7 . Nipro Europe

"If you ever need a translation manager who understands your business and makes sure you are understood, here is your next supplier! Truly excellent."

Michel Reichert - Sony VAIO of Europe

"Even for technically-difficult jobs, Blue Cells always answers, "We'll find a solution." And they do!"

Curtis Broderick - Archos