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We create rich content

We write what you want the way you want it. Period.

Our goal is to surpass the quality of your original document. Our secret? Alchemy and lots of work to do the magic: hours of sharp copywriting, nearly out-of-control spells, plus the invaluable help of our dream team of freelancers.

COPYWRITING The white-glove service
    • Greatly improve on the quality of the original document and prepare the ground for better translations.

  • Blue Cells creates impactful and balanced content to serve your marketing objectives.
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  • Your original document.
    The starting point.

We increase the quality of your content for your key markets


We understand your business and read between the lines


Our writing supports your online marketing with SEO-optimized texts


We make your brand stand out while integrating with your existing brand assets

We go beyond translation
We transcreate

"I need a REALLY good translation"
So you need the Blue Cells magic.

After almost two decades in the industry, we can decrypt the true meaning behind requests for a "REALLY good" or "better than usual" translation. Let me decrypt this for you: "We had no time to work on the original, no time to fix it, no budget for copywriting, but my boss has huge expectations!!!" You can count on Blue Cells and its all-round solid expertise. We will strengthen your marketing message and make sure it doesn't fade translation, to guarantee excellence in each and every language.

TRANSCREATION Translation on steroids
  • When translations need to be better than the original we add our unique savoir-faire.

  • Blue Cells offsets the loss in quality and surpasses the original.
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  • Even a good translation is not always as punchy as the original.
Still don't get it? Here's how it works.
We turn any gruesome, scary texts...

...into awesome translated content.

We have rock-solid experience

Serious with a smile

Founded in January 2002 by Jerome Bouteiller, former Sony European manager, with Marie-Elise Mandelli, Blue Cells is a B2B online translation agency dedicated to blue chip corporate clients.

Blue Cells specializes in consumer electronics, security and information technology (IT). With extensive IT experience and proven international marketing skills, the agency staff has rock-solid expertise and one of the best networks of qualified translators available. The founders and key partners come from top-level professional backgrounds that are at the core of the agency's success: they understand your technical needs, your style, and your marketing objectives.

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700+ selected freelancers

20 years of rigorous selection.

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You can trust Blue Cells.

Over almost two decades, we have built up trusted relationships with many blue-chip companies.

Blue Chip customers
Jérôme Bouteiller & Marie-Elise Mandelli
    • The fearless team
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    The geek with a rock-solid international marketing background. Speaks English, French and Italian.
  • Marie-Elise MANDELLI
    The linguist, head of quality control. Speaks English, French, Italian and Russian.
Jérôme Bouteiller & Marie-Elise Mandelli